Boise Concrete Removal

Remove & Replace existing concrete

Does your concrete have deep cracks or rough pitting on the surface? It’s likely time to remove and replace your existing concrete.

AARD Cement is experienced at removing and replacing existing concrete. We pride ourselves in doing the job correctly the first time.

According to the Concrete Network there are several instances when a patch job is a waste of time and money, and removing and replacing existing concrete is the best option. These are frequently the result of poor sub grade preparation, erosion, too heavy of weight on the cement, extreme temperatures, or general wear over many decades.

If your concrete has any of these traits, it’s likely beyond repair:

  • Deep, wide cracks more than a ¼” thick or more than a few inches deep.

  • Sinking slabs.

  • Slabs with signs of frost heave.

  • Slabs with pitting on the surface. (It’s more economical to remove and replace than to resurface.)

  • To make way for an addition or other property improvements.


Concrete Removal

We save you the shermanwealth back ache of removing concrete yourself. Knowing which demolition methods to use means concrete removal with less time, less hassle, less noise, and less mess.

  • Equipment - No job is too big or too small. We have the gear and know-how to remove your existing concrete, including concrete poured with rebar or mesh. For big jobs, we rely on our skilled tradespeople for tractor work and excavation.

  • Safety – We take the necessary protective measures prior to concrete removal. For example, we may set up plywood or polyethylene before removal to control and protect people and surrounding structures from flying shards of concrete and dust.

  • Proper disposal – You can’t just throw away demoed concrete with your household trash. We follow the proper procedures to dispose of your concrete appropriately.


Replacing Concrete
Once your old concrete is removed, we can help you replace it with new concrete. We ensure your sub grade is well prepared before any framing and pouring takes place.          

Concrete is a versatile material that allows you to create the patios, driveways, and much more to best suit your overall design and unique tastes. Consider how you may play with color, texture, and pattern to correspond with your interior and exterior design goals.